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Hey it’s Baden Maxwell, Founder and Chief Dating Coach here at THE MAN: Alpha Academy.
I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my wife, our two daughters, two cats and a rogue colony of ants.  Those damn ants love us so much, they just won’t go away!
But I’m guessing you don’t really care about that.  What you probably DO care about, is knowing whether I’m worth your time, attention and – if you’re interested in getting training and coaching from me – your money!
And for most people, my answer is a big fat NO!  Here’s Why …



1.  If You’re NOT Prepared To Work & Change … I CAN’T Help You!

For some reason, many guys think I can simply give them some cool pickup lines, you know, teach them all the smoothest things to say and it’ll make women magically fall for them.  They want the Magic Bullet.  They’re looking for Easy Street!
If that’s you too, I hate to break it to you, but there’s NO SUCH THING!
It’s not WHAT YOU SAY that attracts women.  They’re attracted to WHO YOU ARE.  It’s your character, personality and behaviour they find attractive … Or not!
If you’re not attracting anyone at the moment, it’s because you’re missing fundamental character, personality and behaviour traits women instinctively look for in a man.  If you want to be attractive, you’ve gotta develop those traits.
Which means you HAVE TO work on changing yourself!  You DON’T have a choice!
If you want to attract more women and eventually find your Dream Girl, you have to evolve into the best, most attractive version of yourself.  And that takes work and effort so you can change!
If you’re not prepared to work and change, I CAN’T help you!

2.  If You’re NOT Prepared To Be Sociable … You WON’T Enjoy My Stuff!

Okay, here’s the skinny, I’m gonna lay it down raw and honest … If you CHOOSE (because I fully believe this IS a choice), to shy away from the social aspects of life, it’ll ALWAYS be difficult to attract women, in particular, the highest calibre women – the 8s, 9s and 10s of this world.
In order to meet new ladies and have any chance of finding your ideal woman, you need to go to where they are.  You have to put yourself in the same environment.  If you don’t, you won’t meet anyone, it’s as simple as that.
If you’re expecting your Dream Girl to magically appear in your life and be instantly smitten with you, you’ll probably be waiting a VERY LONG time (has it happened yet?  I didn’t think so).  If beautiful women are not currently in the places you hang out, you HAVE to go to them.  You don’t go fishing in the desert do you?
And if they are in the places you currently go to every day – like school, work, sports or hobbies – you have to be able to talk to them, right?  Women socialise, even if it’s at school or work.
Because the bottom-line is, humans are social beings and women are social creatures!
So you need to be able to communicate effectively and be comfortable in social situations.  If you can’t communicate confidently and effectively and you’re uncomfortable in a social setting, it’ll be REALLY DIFFICULT to meet and attract a beautiful woman.
Which means, you HAVE TO BE SOCIABLE.  You don’t have a choice!
In the movies they make the shy, quiet, socially awkward guy look endearing and lovable, and he often ends up with his crush – the one who didn’t even notice him to begin with.  Well this isn’t the movies – this is the real world!
And in the real world, that’s usually a load of bullshit.  It very rarely happens (if this is you, has it happened like it does in the movies yet?  I didn’t think so)!
In my experience, women WANT a socially powerful man.  If you’re shy and socially awkward, a woman may choose to be with you – for now (there’s not many though).  But deep down, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN is instinctively programmed to look for a socially powerful man.  It’s actually hardwired into them (grab a copy of my free book, Secrets of Sexual Attraction near the top of this page and you’ll learn why).
So you’ve either gotta start being that sort of man or women won’t want to spend time with you.  And if you’ve got a woman now, she’ll eventually leave.  Seen it happen so many times!
You HAVE to be willing to overcome your fears and insecurities, and work on developing your social skills and social confidence.  And most importantly, you have to put yourself out there, keep practicing, learning and refining yourself until you can command social situations and BE the powerful, sociable man your Dream Girl is looking for.  
If you’re not prepared to do those things so you can be more sociable, you WON’T enjoy my training and I CAN’T help you!

3.  If You ONLY Want To Be A Player … I WON’T HELP YOU!

Now it’s important you understand what I’m saying.
I CAN help you.  I’m more than capable of it.  I just WON’T.  I REFUSE TO!
My mission is to help good, honourable men transform and evolve into the best possible version of themselves and understand how attraction really works so they can find their Dream Girl and find happiness and love.  I’m here to help you evolve into a man of the highest calibre.  This is what attracts high quality women … They want a high quality man!
If you want a stunning 10 … You have to be a high calibre 20!
THAT’S What I’m Here To Teach!
I’m NOT here to teach guys how to be womanising ballbags who only care about boosting their egos and satisfying their dicks by bedding a ton of women without any regard for their feelings or well-being!  There are plenty of other coaches out there teaching that shit, go see them!
I’m here to train “The Good Guys.”  The purpose of my training is to transform ordinary guys into Extraordinary Men – the type of men women REALLY want.  And I’m here to keep as many women as possible from falling for the wrong guys: the jerks, the assholes, the players.  Most importantly, I’m here to make sure The Good Guys win!
If that’s you, you’re in good hands!
But if you’re a wanna-be player, an arrogant jerk or a disrespectful ballbag, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!
I DON’T want to help you!  I WON’T help you!  Go on … GET OUTTA HERE!
Ohh what??  You’re STILL HERE?  Hmmmm?!  Okay, well maybe you and I will get along …

Because you’re still reading, this tells me you’re serious about getting a handle on your dating and love life (or you just find me entertaining?).  It also tells me you’re NOT one of those foolish types of guys I just mentioned.  Most importantly, to me it says you’re keen on learning how attraction REALLY works so you can attract your Dream Girl and find happiness, love and success, right?

Here’s What You CAN Expect From Me …


  •   The TRUTH About Attraction!  I teach core principles of attraction that have been proven to be true, real and very, VERY
      learnable!  I show you WHAT women find attractive, WHY they’re attracted to these things and HOW you can BE the type
      of man they fall madly in love with and never want to leave.
  •   Proven, time-tested strategies and actionable tactics you can use in your dating and love life right now … For FREE!
  •       Followed by …


HA … Can you believe I just flat out spilled that to you?  What sane person says, “Hey man, I’m gonna blatantly try and sell you my stuff!”  No “normal” person, right?
Well look brother, here’s how I see it …
You have a NEED!  I have SOLUTIONS!
If I don’t offer you my solutions, you’ll find it from someone else instead, because you’ve got to get the results you’re looking for, am I right?
So rather than beat around the bush and pretend I haven’t got anything to sell you, and then all of sudden hit you with a sales message out of the blue, I figure it’s best just to be honest with you.  I mean, isn’t honesty one of the core virtues we all look for in others?  I know it is for me.
I pride myself on my high level of integrity in ALL aspects of my life, and especially in business!  And the bottom-line is, I’m in business.  THE MAN: Alpha Academy is a business!  And I won’t lie, beat around the bush or be subtle about it.
But I’m in the business of serving, of empowering and changing lives.  It’s not really about the money (even though money is important).  It’s about serving you and helping you change your life.  If I don’t even offer you what I have, not only am I not doing
my job properly, I’m also doing you a disservice.  I’m not serving you the best that I can!
And here’s the thing …
BEFORE I EVER offer ANYTHING for sale, I always give away a lot of really valuable information, strategies and tactics you can use immediately.  And that stuff, is FREE!
Here’s the way I look at it … The idea is you’ll say, “Damn Baden … You’re The Man!  Your Free stuff has really helped me.  I’m so impressed, I’m gonna get your paid stuff … I NEED your training!”
It’s a powerful tactic called the ole, “Demonstrate I can help you, by ACTUALLY HELPING YOU trick.”  It’s how I serve.  How I do business.  How I live my life!  How I help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
But you might still be wondering …

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Well the smartest thing to do brother, is go through some of my free material.  Sign up and grab yourself a copy of my free ebook.  When you do that, you automatically join the Alpha Tribe and I’ll send out regular emails with a ton more free advice and training.
If you like that stuff, you’ll probably like my training programs.  And if you don’t … You won’t!  It’s as simple as that!
So go back to the top of this page and click the green button underneath the picture of my book or CLICK HERE to grab yourself a copy.  Once you’ve read it and you feel you’re ready to get more advanced training, check out our TRAINING page or get in touch to see how I can help you with 1-on-1 coaching.
Also look out for my regular emails.  Like I said before, I give away a ton of free advice and training.  If you keep opening the mail I send, you’ll have access to all that awesome stuff : )
If you want get in touch now to talk about 1-on-1 coaching, CLICK HERE.  Fill in the form and hit submit, and one of our team will get back in touch with you to go over what you’re looking to achieve and see if my coaching is a good fit for your needs.
Sound good?  Awesome!
I look forward to hearing back and meeting you soon my man.
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