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Hey it’s Baden Maxwell, Founder and Chief Dating Coach here at THE MAN: Alpha Academy.

I was gonna write one of those About Bios you usually see on websites.  You know those ones where they’re in the third person like someone else wrote it so they can sound more sophisticated and important …
“Baden Maxwell was going to write his bio like someone else wrote it so he could tell you how awesome and cool and important he is.  But after reading it, he realised he sounded like a douche
bag blowing hot air out his arse.  So he decided against being a dick with all the pompous, self-aggrandizing bullshit and just be himself …”

Yeah, it sucked!  It was a load of crap.  It wasn’t genuine.  It wasn’t real.  It wasn’t me!
So I’m just gonna introduce myself like a normal person – like we’re meeting at a party or conference or something.  That way, I can share my story with you and give you a chance to get to know me a little bit better.  
Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Who is Baden Maxwell?”
To answer that question, I’m just an ordinary guy who has been fortunate enough to learn some amazing and powerful things about attracting the ladies.  I’ve have had some incredible experiences that have enabled me to meet and date some extraordinary women, eventually meet my dream girl – “The One” – make her fall madly in love with me and become my wife!
But I haven’t always been good with the ladies.  There was a period in my life where I absolutely sucked at attracting the one’s I liked.
In 1997, I suffered a devastating breakup from a 7-year, long-term relationship that left me feeling hopeless, useless and clueless with women.  For more than 2 years I suffered a serious lack of self-esteem and confidence that ensured none of the ladies I met during that time wanted anything to do with me.  I went through some crushing rejections and the humiliation I felt made me totally scared of the beautiful girls I was attracted to.
Not being able to get any dates and constantly seeing women give me that “Ewww” look crushed my ego, and the pain and self-loathing I experienced sent me into the depths of misery and despair.  I felt weak and useless and thought I was just destined to be a hopeless loser with women.  I actually resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t going to get my dream girl and I’d have to settle for someone I didn’t really want.
But eventually something sparked inside me to sort this part of my life out.  And the catalyst for making that change came one Friday night in a bar in my hometown, Wellington, New Zealand.
I saw a guy who had so many hot women interested in him, that I was absolutely blown away.  Honestly, it was one of the most amazing things I’d seen in a club and I watched him in awe.  And the thing that struck me most, was he wasn’t even that good looking, average at best I thought.
I couldn’t understand why all these gorgeous ladies were practically throwing themselves at him while my friends and I struggled to get any attention at all.  The things I believed are what women find attractive – like good looks, being muscly or being rich and famous – didn’t add up here and I was confused about how attraction actually works.
But in that moment, I had an epiphany … I realised, if an average looking guy like him can attract all these beautiful women, there must be a secret.  And if there’s a secret, that means ANYONE can learn it.  I KNEW, if he can do it, I CAN DO IT!  So I decided right there and then that I was going to discover how to do what he was doing.  I wanted to be just like him … I wanted to be The Man!
The very next day I started a “Mission.”  I searched for any information that would enlighten me to the mysteries of attracting beautiful women.  I jumped online and was lucky enough to stumble upon a website that introduced me to some of the world’s most successful dating coaches.
My mentors taught me how to do certain things in a certain way that caused women to take more notice of me, pay more attention to me and treat me differently.  I learned how to act, behave and communicate with them so they found me interesting, engaging and more attractive.  And what really struck me, was the things I was learning and discovering worked best, are things most of us guys have absolutely NO IDEA work.  They’re actually things most of us believe are what will make women hate us.  None of this made any sense!
But I experienced firsthand that this new way of acting, behaving and communicating didn’t make women hate me – on the contrary.  I found that more and more women were finding me attractive and that it was becoming easier and easier for me to get the ladies interested in me.  Best of all, I stopped getting those Ewww looks and feeling shit scared of them!
And then something amazing happened that changed my life forever … I landed a job working as a Flight Attendant!  I got to work in an industry where I was surrounded by stunningly beautiful women on a daily basis.  I was thrust into a world where I was given a front-row seat, soul baring expose into how they think and feel about men, love, lust and sex.  I learned from gorgeous women themselves what they REALLY WANT in a man.
To cut a long story short, I rapidly transformed from an absolute loser to a suave ladies man who has the skills and abilities to attract ANY woman I want.  I tested all the knowledge I learned from my dating mentors and blended it with the insights I was given by my lovely work colleagues.  Then I refined my ideas and experiences into a system that worked for me every single time, with ANY woman I met!
Best of all, in 2006, I was able to EASILY attract my dream girl, make her fall madly in love with me … AND become my wife!  We’ve been married since 2008 and haven’t looked back.  Life is amazing when you find “The One” and get to wake up next to her every single morning!
Now I’m not bragging!  I’m merely sharing with you what’s possible when you have the right information.  I’m highlighting what’s possible for you too if you get the right knowledge and then apply it in your life.  Your life CAN completely change when you know WHAT women find attractive, WHY they’re attracted to these things, and HOW YOU can be the type of man that women – ALL women – REALLY WANT!
But here’s the thing … What I’ve come to realise, is that dating even the most beautiful women on the planet won’t automatically make you happy.  In fact, if you’re a needy and insecure person, and you don’t change those things about yourself, having a stunning woman is more likely to make you even more insecure and needy.  If you believe that having a gorgeous woman is going to make your life better, you’ve got a rude awakening coming brother!
Having said that though, having the skills and ability to meet women anytime and anywhere you like, is something extremely powerful.  And when you have this power, you’ll take more control of your life and be confident in who you are.  Because at the end of the day, if you don’t know how to attract women, you’re going to go through life feeling less than confident, less than fulfilled and less of a man!
So I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, being able to attract any woman you want is something that you definitely WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO!  And you know what?  It’s NOT hard at all … In fact, it’s so simple and easy WHEN YOU KNOW HOW, it’s like having super powers … It IS a super power!
That’s what I have to share with you.  I’m here to share my knowledge and experience with you, and help you to transform the same way I did.  I’m here to show you the way to become a suave ladies man who can attract, date and succeed with the most beautiful women on the planet!
And that’s why I founded THE MAN: Alpha Academy!  To help as many men as possible – guys just like you and I – progress through this phase of your life and show you the way to succeed with women.
But I’ll be totally honest with you, I don’t have all the answers – not by a long shot!  However, I do have some really great answers to some common issues that all of us men face.  And the answers I have to share are powerful and they work … REALLY WELL!
The bottom line is, if you’re looking to transform yourself into a Real Man that women find totally irresistible, and you’re looking to learn how to become the type of man that ALL women fall madly in love with, then you’re in good hands!  The things I teach have been proven to work time after time after time.  And not only by myself, but also by the men I learned from and every single one of the men we’ve all been privileged enough to teach and share our knowledge with.
I want you to know, in addition to my paid training, I also give a lot of powerful information away for free.  I want you to experience amazing results without having to pay a cent!  But if you do purchase any training from me, all of my products and programs come with a FULL, 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee.  You can use any of my products and actually try them out in the real world BEFORE you decide you want to keep it.  If you’re not totally satisfied with your results, then I’ll give you a full refund … No questions asked, no hassles and NO hard feelings!
You’ll find that I don’t care about things that don’t work.  I only care about results – that’s what’s most important to me.  And results only come from using proven, step-by-step frameworks that have helped numerous people achieve the same thing.  That’s what we’ve got for you here at THE MAN: Alpha Academy.
My team and I are proud of our work and we stand behind our products and programs 1000%.  I’m committed to YOU and your success and if I can’t help you, then I don’t want to keep your money.  We believe we’ve got fantastic products and training, and provide amazing value.  We would rather you walk away KNOWING we weren’t playing you and trying to rip you off!
I’m totally confident you’ll get HUGE benefits and a ton of value from what we have to offer!  So go ahead and use what we have available, you’ll transform your life when you do!  Hope to meet you soon brother!
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